Friday, April 24, 2015

Little Girl Maxi Dress

We are weeks away from meeting our little boy and I think I've about cleaned everything in our house twice. Nesting mode has come. Yesterday I needed something non strenuous but just fun to work on. If you know me very well you know that I hate sewing. I love the idea of it but almost every time I go to start a project something happens with my machine that makes me turn into the hulk. My sister can agree with me on this one. If I sew it's gotta be quick, cute and really simple.


Weeks ago I had seen a photo floating around on Pinterest of a little toddler maxi dress listed on etsy for a whoppin $42! Uhm no thank you. But it looked easy enough for me to try.

My little girl is turning 3 in May (the week we are due!) and I decided with no pattern to figure out her size. Here's what I did.

1. Went to hobby lobby with my 40% off coupon of course and picked out a yard of cute jersey knit fabric.

2. Went to Walmart and found a $3 coordinating tank top (could use a plain shirt). I'm sure you can find them in clearance now that I know what I'm looking for if I see them marked down.

3. Went home and wrapped my fabric around her itty bitty waist and then doubled it so I would have room to add a few pleats. The girl needs to be able to walk in it! I left the dress super long (which she preferred "like elsa mom"). At the end you can cut desired length. NO HEMMING yes!

4. Sewed the side together.

5. Cut the tank top off at where I I wanted the fabric bottom part to start and then turned it inside out, pinned my fabric to it making little pleats and sewed together.

6. She tried it on, danced and I trimmed the bottom where I wanted it.

That's it. And since I used no pattern I think I can continue to make these over and over as she grows.

$6 bucks. No hitting the sewing machine. No hemming. Easy. Cute. My kind of project!