Monday, February 16, 2015

Pippa's Dollhouse

Ever since I found out I was having a girl, almost 3 years ago, I dreamed of making a dollhouse for her. I looked for a second hand dollhouse on craiglist and yardsales but just didn't see anything. So my kind father in law made me exactly what I had in mind. It turned out perfect! 

I'm working on this while I wait for our baby boy scheduled to arrive in May. It's given me something to do while I grow and am stuck inside during these winter months and yes I know life will soon get very busy caring for our little guy but I'm soaking up every last bit of rest and recreation time I can before he comes. 

    27 weeks 

I started by painting the entire house white.

I then decopauged scrapbook paper to the backs of the rooms for "wallpaper".  

Some of the furniture was found on eBay, some I purchased bits at a time from Hobby Lobby using my 40% off coupon they always have up on their website. 

A lot of the prints came from HGTV magazines. 

All my fabric was scraps I had and all the little tiny pieces were from a bag a lady in our church gave me.
 Some things came from around my house that I would find and make into something. 

Never underestimate a toothpaste cap and the power of spray paint to make a stool for the bedroom. 

This is one of the most fun projects I have gotten to play with, I mean "design" 😊.  I've been working on it room by room over a few months and it is so much fun to watch Pippa see it room by room and get all excited. 

I only have two more rooms left, the living room and an office. I will add photos once it's complete and I can let go of it.  :)