Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Thankful for our Home

       I am beyond thankful for out little house when I think of all the fun that we have enjoyed here. God has been so good to us. Sometimes I wonder why He not only gives us what we need but he allows us to really enjoy all that He has blessed us with. We have now lived here 18 months :) I say 18 months because Pippa was born a few weeks before we were able to settle in here. It makes it easy for me to keep track. 

I don't know why but there is something about old homes that I just love. Sure there are quirks but that's exactly that's why I love them! When we were desperately trying to find a home before the arrival of Pippa I hoped we would find something with character. I was at that point fine with anything that had walls a roof and a door since I was about to deliver at any time but when the realtor showed us this little house in an older neighborhood my heart skipped a beat. Honesty seeing the fireplace and old telephone nook had me hooked. Josh quickly reminded me we need to make sure it had things like running water and air...but luckily it had all we needed. 

Our little house was built in 1945 and I sometimes I can only imagine all that has went on here. I'm currently in the process of trying to find out the history of it. My neighbor and her husband who has now gone to be with the Lord, built their house in 1950 and she is still living there to this day. One day when I visit her I will not only be bringing some dinner or desert but I will have a notepad and pen handy to write down as much as she can remember. I do know that several people have called this their home and I look forward to finding out more. I was informed that it was the eye sore of the street at one point. I am so thankful someone saw the gem in the rough that we now enjoy.

We've sanded, painted and made it our own but I can only help but wonder who all has made it their own. But one thing is for sure, God has provided us a comfy spot where we can relax as a family, pray and worship God. It's perfect for us and I really am truly grateful for how God has blessed us with it.

One of my favorite things that we have added is this sliding door. It's great for separating the mudroom from the kitchen and then we don't have to heat this part in the winter at night.  
Josh and I recently wrote out the title deeds to our lives and after some photoshop work, printing and framing we placed it in our living room to look at daily. All we have is His including this little house.

     The previous owner of the home informed me that Pippa's walk in closet use to be a sewing room for a lady that had the house before her. It is the perfect little room to put/throw her toys and clothes in. Sewing room or toy room I think it has been enjoyed. Finding out stories and information of those who lived here before me makes me feel like I'm watching my own little version of the history channel's popular show "If walls could talk". I cannot wait to keep finding out bits and pieces of the history of the place we call home.


  1. I love your home, but even more so - I love the people who now live in it. Dad

    1. We love you too. God has been good to our family.