Saturday, November 30, 2013

Advent Calendar 2013

I thought last year was fun seeing Pippa's face as she saw all the Christmas glam for the first time but this year is even more fun! I love to hear her say "oooohh!" when she see's lights or a tree. This year I was feeling extra excited about getting my Christmas tree up and so after talking it over with my sister, we agreed that we were going to put our trees up extra beginning of November early. Every time we go to plug our tree in Pippa counts "uhn..tew..tree" and I just love that.

With all the emphases from the world on the lights, trees and gifts we are trying to look for ways that our family can make sure Christ's birth is emphasized way more than just the sparkle and wonder of the Christmas "stuff". Even thought Pippa is still only 18 months I want to begin teaching her from an early age the importance of JESUS.

I went super simple with my advent calendar due the fact that Pippa can't grasp the meaning of trinkets or Bible verses. I guess in a way this advent calendar is more for Josh and I. Probably by next year I will get a little more elaborate as far as having trinkets for Pippa to open and remember what Bible verse and concept the day was about.

Using inspiration from this pin on I began to think how I could use a hanger for my calendar. So I grabbed one of those ugly wire hangers from the closet and gave it a little shine using gold spray paint. I'm kinda into gold this season! I used small tags from hobby lobby and then printed my own numbers using different funky fonts. On the back of the tags I put a bible verse for each day that has to do with the coming of Jesus. I used the verses from this pin. I'm super excited to begin our daily reading tomorrow!

Using hemp and bakers twin I tied the numbers to the hanger. 


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