Monday, May 13, 2013

State Capital Flashcards printable PDF- $15

Yes, Pippa is only one (in 2 days...wowzers!) but Josh and I have already began praying and thinking about what kind of schooling we are going to give Pippa and the more I do research..the more homeschooling appeals to me. No matter what we decide one thing is certain, we will be used in helping her learn what she needs to learn whether I'm teaching it or helping her with homework. 

When I was in elementary school having good flashcards with colors to help me remember things always helped me retain information. I decided to design a much cuter take on the capitals and states to help teach them! 
Hope you enjoy. 

If you would like a custom print with specific city and state to display in your home, I will design one for you in whatever colors you would like for $5.  



50 State Capital Flashcard PDF printable for $15

You will receive a 25 page PDF complete with all colorful 50 states and their capital. Once your payment goes through I will e-mail you the PDF. Enjoy! 


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