Tuesday, May 14, 2013

See Pippa grow...

This time last year I was debating on if the pains I was feeling (which were 5 minutes apart...duh) was really worth driving to the doctor for. After a midnight call to mom and more pleading from Josh, we made our way to Franklin and the doctor was very quick to tell me that I am about to have a baby like in the next couple hours.  Well tomorrow is Pippa's birthday and I am stunned at how fast her first year went.

 It's hard to believe all the changes that take place within a babies first year. I love looking back at these photos and seeing how much she has changed from month to month! (I plan to hang them in my mudroom next to our laundry) Each picture tells a story to me and helps me remember milestones. Even the flooring tells me a story!

The first picture was taken while we were living with my sister during Pippa's first month. The second photo is from staying with a family from our church while we desperately waited for our house to close. The third picture makes me so happy because that is OUR house! :) I guess that's why Pippa started smiling ha!

What a journey it has been and I am once again reminded of how faithful God is.

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