Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Happy Birthday Pippa!

I can't believe my baby has become a little girl in one year. I never imagined how much she would change and develop over 12 months! We are very proud of her recent accomplishments like getting teeth, saying "ut oh" when she drops something and walking before one! 
She is such a big girl. Where has the time gone?  
Josh and I have so enjoyed watching her little personality evolve. 

those lips!

My how she has grown...

In some ways she looks so different and in others she still looks the same to me. Love that little nose!

She did great for her One year photo shoot!
We couldn't keep her from walking long enough to snap pictures. She was everywhere!

She currently is really into giving the pity laugh when we say something we think is funny. She just looks and laughs "ah haha" as if saying "you think you're so funny mommy and daddy!". 

I love that Pippa can wear my baby shoes!

These letters fascinated her and the rocks below also did...
God has blessed us with an amazing energetic little girl.  I have treasured every moment and will continue to cherish all her moment's in life. She is such a gift!

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  1. Love these pics and love the place you took them!!! Happy birthday, Pippa!!!!