Saturday, July 2, 2011

Sometimes I love to go to work

Not many people can say that they sometimes like to go to work but I have to say that many times I do. Thursday, July 7th Vera Bradley releases the Fall 2011 patterns.  Just thought I would share :)


Happy Snails

Mocha Rouge 

Safari Sunset

Plum Petals 

   I have listed my personal scale of favorites from left to right... #1 Happy Snails, (my absolute FAVORITE)  #2 Mocha Rouge, (girly) #3 Safari Sunset (totally appropriate for Virginia Tech, btw go hokies), #4 Plum Petals.

What do you think of them? What's your favorite? Vote at the top right corner of the blog (above my picture!!)

LOVE working with this stuff!! :)


  1. I'm looking for a new laptop case :) Do you all ever have sales on them? Let me know if you do :)!

  2. Hey Ashley! The only time Vera usually puts laptop cases on sale is if the pattern is retiring. Check on the website from time to time. :)