Thursday, July 7, 2011

The LORD did it!!

The beginning of 2 Samuel shows us the beginning of David's official reign. So far all seems to be going well for David.  The Lord is on His side. I'm sure this was a mountaintop time in David's life. The Lord gives David Jerusalem and provides a palace for David to live in. When the philistines came to capture David, he still confided in the Lord. (5:19)

Truths from this passage

1. David did not get caught up in the blessings and forget about the source of blessing. 

2. In the midst of all this success, David recognized WHO was behind it.

3. He immediately gave God the glory for the victory. (5:20) "The Lord did it!"

Often I understand why sometimes God chooses not to bless us. I myself know that I tend to cry out to the Lord only to give myself credit for the victory that only the Lord could bring. I'm learning that when my hearts desire is purely to see God glorified, He takes care of me and impossible situations. But I have to be willing to make adjustments in my own heart and attitude. God's glory is not dependent on if I get my way.  I have to become so satisfied in Him that even if God doesn't change my circumstances, He will receive the glory from my attitude, NO MATTER WHAT. See God desires people who want His name to receive glory more than their name. And how we show that we want that too, is to not hinge our praise to God only on what He does for us. Friends, bring God glory today with your response to life. And when God delivers you today, don't forget to say "MY LORD DID IT!!".


  1. Your words of truth ministered to me this morning - Love you!

  2. Praise the Lord! Love you too