Saturday, July 9, 2011

Day 2- Costa Rica

 Traveling to a local orphanage to play with kids and paint!

Faith and Trixie cleaning the windows.

Sampling fresh Papaya!

We had a great day! We painted one of the buildings where some of the kids are housed. We played Soccer, patty cake :), red light green light all day with the children. They even taught us some of their games. Our whole group got so attached to so many of the children. It was hard to leave. We gave our pillowcase dresses and the t-shirts for the boys to the orphanage. They were very grateful. I would post some pictures of all the sweet kids but we were asked to not post any pictures of the children on the internet.  Tomorrow we will attend the church here on campus at 10AM Costa Rica time, we are two hours behind. In the afternoon we are scheduled to go souvenir shopping.
Please continue to pray for us! I know God has already spoken to me through this trip and I'm excited to see how he will use us all more for His glory this week. 


  1. Love the updates!!! So excited to hear what all God is doing in the kids and in YOU!

  2. Wow! Praise the Lord! So glad that He is using you to spread His love. I got a little teary, thinking of the awesome things that God has allowed me to participate in, in the past! And I'm so excited that you have had these opportunities this week - "I will never be the same again..." Love you! Praying for you and your group!