Friday, July 8, 2011

Day 1- Costa Rica

Leaving from Atlanta 5:30AM

Passing time in Ft. Lauderdale Airport

We are in Costa Rica!!! 

Our Place for the week! 

Snacks from Score after arrival.
Sandwiches never tasted so good!
Out in the neighborhood inviting people to a movie night Saturday night.

Boys will be boys..

My precious roomies :)

Folding gospel tracts to hand out.. 

Goodnight Costa Rica, 2AM was tooo long ago. 
Everyone is wiped out..


  1. THANK YOU AMY for the great pics and updates about your trip. We will check on your blog daily.

    Tracie Hodges

  2. Awesome! Keep the pics coming...Love y'all!
    Shawna Flanders

  3. There's my Babe!!! Tell me the most interesting part of your trip so far, Christina?? Keep the updates coming!!! And, I'll try and catch you on FB tonight. You got off-line just about the time I got on. I love you!!!!