Tuesday, June 21, 2011

"Mrs. Howland Loves..."

So I see all these cute ideas and can't help but share them! 
Hopefully one day I can put these in practice in my own nest :)

So here's a few starters of the many more to come 

"Mrs. Howland loves" 


  1. I like these too! Jeffrey & I have started looking at houses and I cannot wait to be able to make little changes and do neat things like this! I want my home to a be a little unique ;) LOVE these ideas!

  2. Same here Ashley! I'm a fan of different.

  3. Are you on Pinterest? I bet you are already. I just told Shan I wanted a barn door as our door at the new house!! No kidding! If I find one and he likes I will let you know and take pics. Our bedroom is yellow and gray. Love it! At an old house we had four yardsticks as a big frame on the wall...then the inside was painted with chalk board paint. The boys loved it! I love the steps idea. So cute!!!!

    Love the ideas! Keep em coming!

  4. I envy you Jenn! I want a farm house! haha. I'm not on Pinerest but Cindy is! I look at it from time time. I'll have to get on that. :)