Wednesday, June 22, 2011

DO IT YOURSELF. Live Unhinged

Reading Psalm 15 this morning was humbling. I was forced to reevaluate my current attitude and behavior over the last few days. Its so easy to think, talk and act like the fault of my problems, frustrations and bad attitude has to do with other people. Almost every time I'll find something or someone else to pawn my actions on. I think "Of course, its them! not me", "The reason I'm so ticked has to to with them",  or "If they would quit acting that way then I could move on from where I'm at and have a better attitude".  The hard reality that none of us ever wants to hear is that our response to what we know as truth has NOTHING to do with other people, absolutely nothing. As a believer our attitude should not hinge on whether or not the world comes around in their behavior. Feeding off of how the world decides to treat me will never end in consecration or submission to what God says is acceptable. Honestly, how can we think that the worlds treatment of us will help us live the victorious Christian life? The power of God working in me won't come from what's going on around me, it comes from Christ IN ME giving me the desire to please Him no matter who ticks me off, who doesn't act right, who is never nice, who never puts me first,  who is selfish, who didn't speak to me, who doesn't notice me or who doesn't treat me with respect. Even if we received all those things and we're loved by everyone everyday, we ourselves would still fall short and do all of those things that frustrate us about others.

In Psalm 15 David is overwhelmed with the glory of the Lord's presence. He is made fully aware of the call to be Holy. He lists some very practical requirements of how the believer should speak and act.

Who can enter Your sanctuary Lord?

2 "Those who lead blameless lives and do what is right, speaking the truth from sincere hearts"
3 " Those who REFUSE to gossip or harm their neighbors or speak evil of their friends"
4 " Those who don't desire the company of evil behavior and honor the faithful followers of the Lord" (BTW honor = active verb, not a neat idea sometimes"
5 "Those who lend money without expecting double the profit later, and cannot be bribed to lie for selfish gain"

Such people will stand Firm Forever!

Friends, do you desire to be firm in the faith? I challenge you as I am challenging myself, that before you blame your shortcomings on others to evaluate yourself. DIY, improve your reactions and let the Holy Spirit manifest Himself through you today.

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  1. good stuff amy. it's easier to fuss at everyone else than it is to dig deep into your own life. love you,